To promote holistic wellness among women by bridging the gaps between spiritual, physical, and mental health.

Hey sis heyyyy! The School of Health and Wellness is here to assist you and your family as we strive for wholeness. Our aim is to provide knowledge and practical application skills on ways to improve not only your spiritual health, but physical and mental health as well. We will offer classes on how to maintain a healthy body weight, establishing great patient provider relationships, recognizing, and coping with mental health concerns with you and your loved ones, and so much more. We will also position ourselves to provide you with medical screenings including but not limited to blood pressure checks and COVID testing. We look forward to serving you!

– Dean Le’Starr

Le'Starr Rose, MSN


Dor Tam

Dr. Tamara Caple, DNP


Dr. Kris Roberson, DNP