The Sister Circle School of Ministry is a dynamic and comprehensive training program designed to teach, equip and activate ministry leaders in the full spectrum of ministry. It is a safe space for all preachers, ministers, elders and those who feel called to the 5-fold ministry. We offer a diverse curriculum that includes hands-on teaching and application such as altar ministry, intercessory prayer, ministry leadership, worship ministry and more to help you walk confidently in your calling. It is this specialized training that will prepare leaders for the global impact to which they are called.

The ForeFront Ladies Network is cohort of leaders who are advancing, visible, and called to the forefront for the kingdom. Founded by Circle Pastor Leah Hill McNair program participants are vetted by an intense application process. Once accepted into the cohort, participants experience intense teaching, hands-on ministry as well as active coaching that will revolutionize their ministry. Each session is centered around helping women in ministry to become confident in their gifts, and courageous in their respective ministries, all while building a community of like-minded sisters commissioned for ministry! This partnership provides tools, resources, and covenant connections that are immediately impactful. FFLN is accountable to CP Leah Hill McNair and an advisory team that provides counsel, wisdom, and teaching based on their experiences with God.

Dean, School of Ministry